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Pressure level climatologies (Latitude-longitude projections)

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Elements or projections - Figures with/without maximum and minimum values can be seen in "plotted"/"not plotted" page.
Invariants Surface orography and vegetation (not plotted)
Surface climatologies Pressure, wind, temperature (plotted / not plotted) Radiation (plotted / not plotted)
Precipitation, snow depth, tropical cyclone (plotted / not plotted) Cloud cover, soil water content (plotted / not plotted)
Column climatologies Heating, water vapor, ozone (plotted / not plotted)
Pressure level climatologies Latitude-longitude projections (plotted / not plotted) Polar stereographic projections (plotted / not plotted) Latitude-height cross sections (plotted / not plotted)
Isentropic level climatologies Latitude-longitude projections, latitude-height cross sections (plotted / not plotted) Polar stereographic projections (plotted / not plotted)
PV=2 climatologies Potential temperature, pressure, wind (plotted / not plotted)
Time series Height-time cross sections, indices (not plotted) Time-longitude cross sections, latitude-time cross sections (not plotted) Tropical cyclone days (not plotted)

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