Changeover to FTP data provision (planned on 24 Sep 2012)

Last update: August 2012

We are planning to change over to FTP in providing the JRA-25/JCDAS data, which are now provided via HTTP. FTP provides higher transfer efficiency than HTTP, and this change enables us to provide data to as many users as possible within the limited server resources.

The changeover to FTP data provision is planned on 24 Sep 2012. From now to this date, the JRA-25/JCDAS data can be downloaded both via HTTP and FTP. We kindly ask the users to switch to FTP downloading within this transition period. Please be aware that the JRA-25/JCDAS will not be provided via HTTP after 24 Sep 2012.

For the detailed information on how to download the data via FTP, please see the JRA-25/JCDAS website. Since this change does not affect your account status, please continue to use your existing user account.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us at the e-mail address given below.

We would appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation.

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