Release of single-variable and level data

  Single variable and level data were calculated from the JRA-25 outputs. These are monthly data edited for a variable at each vertical level. The descriptions of them are as follows:
  - Time interval : 6 hours (1 day only for snow depth)
  - Horizontal grid interval : 2.5 degree longitudinal and latitudinal grid
  - Data format: GRIB (GRIdded Binary)
  GrADS control(.ctl) and index(.idx) files are also prepared for every year and the whole JRA-25 period.
  You can get the single variable and level data from the Element Table on the "Download" page.
  Caution: The total column ozone data (Element name: o3totcol) are not available for some periods (1991.01-1991.12, 1992.03-1992.10, 1992.12-1993.12 and 2002.02-2004.12). GrADS control(.ctl) and index(.idx) files are also not available for the total column ozone data, now. These data will be available on this site as soon as the preparations are completed.

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