Third WCRP International Conference on Reanalysis

1, June 2008

First Call for Papers

The third WCRP Reanalysis Conference was took place in Tokyo, Japan from 28th January to 1st February 2008 following an initiative by World Climate Research Programme(WCRP), Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI) and the University of Tokyo. The conference is also supported by Group on Earth Observations(GEO) and Global Climate Observing System(GCOS).


Focuses of the conference

A reanalysis is a comprehensive global, multi-decadal dataset generated by the latest numerical data assimilation techniques using various past observations. Reanalysis data have consistent technical quality over decades and provide vital context to many types of meteorological and climatological research and applications.

The first WCRP reanalysis conference was held in 1997, at NOAA in the USA, and the second in 1999, in Reading UK. In the 8 years since then, advanced data from the ERA-40 and JRA-25 reanalyses have become available and reanalysis data are now used worldwide as an essential standard data for climate research activities.

Following an initiative by WCRP, Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI) and the University of Tokyo, the 3rd WCRP Reanalysis Conference is planned to take place in Tokyo, Japan from 28th January to 1st February 2008.

The conference will focus on the following aspects.

  • Introduction of reanalyses
  • Applications using reanalysis data
  • Comparison and validation of characteristics of each reanalysis
  • Data assimilation technique for reanalysis
  • Strategy and international cooperation for future reanalysis
  • The conference will consider not only global atmospheric reanalysis but also ocean and land reanalysis, mainly from the viewpoint of interaction with the atmosphere.


    28 January to 1 February, 2008

    Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo Komaba Campus, Tokyo, Japan


    No registration fee will be charged for the conference. The closest international airport is Narita airport. There are many kinds of hotels in Tokyo. The price of a single room of the closest hotel is around 80USD per night. Detailed information will be provided in the second circular.

    Submission of abstracts was closed on 31st July, 2007.

    Agenda (Nominated researchers are invited.)

    1. Introduction of the reanalyses


    [Invited Speakers: K.Onogi(JMA, JAPAN), S.Uppala(ECMWF, UK), R.Kistler(NCEP, USA)
    and S.Schubert(GMAO NASA, USA)]

    2. Applications of reanalysis products

    including diagnostic studies,seasonal prediction, ocean application, social impacts,
    application for agriculture, fishery and other industries, etc.

    [Invited Speakers: P.Arkin(Univ. of Maryland, USA), K.Trenberth(NCAR, USA),
    M.Kanamitsu(SIO/UCSD, USA), D.Stammer(Hamburg Univ., GERMANY)
    and T.Oki(Univ. of Tokyo, JAPAN)]

    3. Characteristics of reanalysis products

    including changes in the observational data and their impact, Long term trends, Monsoons and the hydrological cycle,
    Tropical cyclones and extratropical storms, Land surface and hydrology, Stratosphere, Polar regions, Air-sea
    interactions and surface fluxes from atmosphere and ocean reanalyses

    [Invited Speakers: T.Yasunari(Nagoya Univ., JAPAN) and M.Sugi(MRI/JMA, JAPAN)]

    4. Data assimilation techniques for reanalysis including ocean and land

    Quality control of observational data in the past, Assimilation of satellite data,
    Advanced data assimilation techniques, bias correction, etc.

    [Invited Speakers: A.Lorenc(UKMO, UK), T.Koike(Univ. of Tokyo, JAPAN),
    E.Kalnay(Univ. of Maryland, USA) and T.Miyoshi(JMA, JAPAN)]

    5. Future reanalyses

    5-1 Advanced reanalysis plans

    National plans, coordination,datasets, archives, coupled reanalysis, etc.

    [Invited Speaker : G.Compo(CIRES, USA)]

    5-2 Panel discussion: "Future reanalysis and international cooperation"

    [Invited Speakers: M. Manton(Monash Univ., AUSTRALIA), A.Simmons(ECMWF, UK),
    K.Trenberth(NCAR, USA) and T.Yasunari(Nagoya Univ., JAPAN)]

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